Friday Tutorial Anastasia Beverly Hills : HYPERCOLOR™ for Hair & Brows

To follow-up the post I did yesterday introducing HYPERCOLOR™ for Hair & Brows, I wanted to do a tutorial video to show how easy this product is to use.

I’ve always wanted to do different colors on my hair, but having color treated, blonde hair I have always been a scaredy cat. After using this product for a few weeks now I can say that all five colors safely and very easily wash out of my hair. The directions state it can take two shampoos but I found for the most part it came out on the first wash.

As you will see in the video below the application process is simple and pretty fast. To seal in the color just use your favorite hairspray. I originally thought it would look better with straight hair, so the first few times I tried it, I straightened my hair, only to find that it looks amazing on curls and I actually like the look of it better with curls. The picture below is a HYPERCOLOR™ creation that was made in under ten minutes!

I make mention of this several times in the video and my previous post and I’m going to mention it again here. I highly suggest putting a towel down on the floor or wrap a towel around your shoulders. I found the floor was the best as the powders create a bit of dust and any excess will just land on the towel. If you have long hair I would also suggest bending over the towel so your hair really doesn’t touch your skin when applying the powders. I also found doing a twist when sandwiching your hair with the color helped apply the color faster, then re-twist and keep repeating until you get the desired color strength.

All of the colors can be used on your eyebrows too, except for the pink. It is not recommended to use it around your eyes or on your eyebrows.

Each powder will be sold individually for $12.50/USA & $16.00/Canada and can be purchased at your local ULTA starting December 26th, 2012 or at To see more HYPERCOLOR™ creations and product photographs make sure to check out the introduction post.


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